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Beginning January 10th, 2021
'A 16-month journey with Doc on the REAL Romans Road!'


2020 Reformation1


Audio Recordings for Sunday - February 28th, 2021

==> The GRACE Mountain Chapel Worship Celebration <==
(Our “GMCM Virtual Family” in Angel Fire, Santa Fe - & Around the World!)

==> Doc’s Message: ”May It Never Be!"  <==

Note from Doc: 

GMC -I sure hope that you were with us on Sunday as we continued the exposition of our new ROMANS:  Here I Stand!" coordinated message series & Bible Study - & the recordings are posted NOW on the home page.  The message we shared was called "May It Never Be!”   And this Wednesday - March 3rd - we'll share our next coordinated Bible Study in the Virtual Chapel

A Special Request: Our beloved Pastor Billy is struggling with COVID-19 - please join me in lifting Billy and his precious wife Nena up to the Throne of GRACE!  Get well soon, my brother…and know that we love ya!!  And Julie's mom Janie is going in the week for a serious surgery - please keep her in your prayers as well!

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"GRACE to you…and PEACE…from God our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ!  :)


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