"2020 is the year of 'SEMPER REFORMANDA'
at GRACE Mountain Chapel Ministries!"


James 2:20

"But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?"


Note from Doc:  

DON’T FORGET!  Next Sunday (March 1st) we don’t have access to the Bridge Center in Santa Fe - so we’ll be meeting RIGHT HERE in the Virtual Chapel at 9:30am!  Just click on the FIRST audio link below at 9:30 & we'll be waiting for ya! :)

GMC - sure hope that you were with us as we rolled into Week #5 of our 10-week coordinated message series & Bible Study on the book of JAMES - called “Putting Faith to the Test!"

We shared what just might be the most important message we'll share from James' epistle!  But the GOOD NEWS is that even if you did miss it - the audio recordings are posted right below!!

Make plans to join us next Sunday as we continue our exposition of JAMES with “Doc's Message" called “The Dragon's Breath!"

"GRACE to you…and PEACE…from God our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ!  :)

Audio Recordings from Sunday - February 23rd, 2020

==> The GRACE Mountain Chapel Worship Celebration <==
(Our “GMCM Virtual Family” in Angel Fire & Santa Fe!)

The Call to Worship: “Heavenly Sunlight

Dixie & the GMC: “Sunshine in my Soul”

Doc - Lord's Supper: “Just As I Am

==> Doc’s Message: “The GREAT DIVIDE: Faith vs. Works!  <==


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