** Until further notice - GMCM Worship Celebrations & Bible Studies are currently being hosted ONLINE ONLY in the GMCM Virtual Chapel due to the COVID-19 Pandemic!  Please send an email to info@GraceMountainChapel.org for instructions on connecting via phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer into the Virtual Chapel! **


By special request - the Labor Day Weekend Worship Celebration will remain online for another week...

Just click on the audio link immediately below to stream the GMCM Worship Celebration for Sunday, September 6th, 2020!

==> The GRACE Mountain Chapel Worship Celebration <==
(From the 2017 "REFORMATION 500!" series in the GMCM Archives - November 19th, 2017)

What God has Said


John & Jude

Beginning in September of 2020
A GMCM coordinated message series and Bible Study
on the letters of John & Jude

"2020 is the year of 'SEMPER REFORMANDA'
at GRACE Mountain Chapel Ministries!"


1st John 2:12

I am writing to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven you for His name’s sake.


Note from Doc: 

My precious family - SO SORRY for the loss of voice this morning!  I literally lost my voice twice during the message - but we were able to get it recorded (although you'll notice toward the end of the message that the voice was pretty much gone)!   But in spite of that - I sure hope you were with us on Sunday as we continued "GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU!" - our final coordinated message series & Bible Study for 2020 - on the letters of John and Jude!  As we moved into chapter two of 1st John - the audience changed, the message changed, and the great Apostle of Love really cranked up the spiritual volume!

But just in case you did miss it - the audio recordings from our Worship Celebration are posted right below!! 

GMC - a quick update on operations during the pandemic: In response to both national and state guidelines, we will continue to host the Sunday Worship Celebration & Wednesday Bible Studies ONLINE ONLY in the GMCM Virtual Chapel!  This will continue indefinitely until we get an all-clear that we can again come together in Santa Fe!  And the GOOD NEWS is that it's working great! :) 

Join us LIVE in the Virtual Chapel again this Sunday - September 20th - as we continue our study of the letters of John and Jude with a message called “Don't Love the World!"   Stay safe - stand in faith & hope - & know that our prayers are being lifted to the Throne of GRACE for you & yours!

"GRACE to you…and PEACE…from God our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ!  :)

Audio Recordings from Sunday - September 13th, 2020

==> The GRACE Mountain Chapel Worship Celebration <==
(Our “GMCM Virtual Family” in Angel Fire & Santa Fe!)

Dixie - The Call to Worship: ”'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus!"

Kim - ”1st John 2:1-14"

Doc - The Lord's Supper - ”Let Us Break Bread Together"

==> Doc’s Message: ”My Little Children!"  <==


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