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Beginning January 10th, 2021
'A 16-month journey with Doc on the REAL Romans Road!'


2020 Reformation1
Post Tenebras Lux


Audio Recordings for Sunday - June 20th, 2021

==> The GRACE Mountain Chapel Worship Celebration <==
(Our “GMCM Virtual Family” in Angel Fire, Santa Fe - & Around the World!)

==> Doc’s Message: ”The Where Sin Increased...GRACE Abounded!"  <==


Note from Doc: 

GMC - HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! :)  Hope you were with us as we closed out the third major section of Paul's Magnum Opus - & got blessed BIG TIME by some of the most wonderful promises of the Word! Be with us LIVE in the Virtual Chapel next Sunday as we continue our "ROMANS! HERE I STAND!" coordnated message series & Bible Study -  & begin our exploration of Romans chapter six!

The audio recordings from our FATHERS DAY Worship Celebration on June 20th are posted right above!

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"GRACE to you…and PEACE…from God our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ!  :)


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