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This Sunday’s Message:

Walk In the Truth!

Steve “Doc” Timmons          November 29th, 2020

Are You Ready for the Word?

You Walk in the Truth (3rd John 1:1-15)

Good morning, GRACE Mountain Chapel!  Like we shared last week - John’s final two “postcards” (almost too short to be called letters!) have a singular focus – to emphasize the importance of truth!  But 3rd John is the most personal of John’s three epistles.  Like 2nd John, it addresses the believers’ duty to extend love and hospitality within the sacred circle of faithfulness to the truth.  But this is the flip side of the coin to 2nd John – which taught that false teachers should never be granted hospitality in the name of showing love.  3rd John makes the case that all who embrace “aletheia” – “truth” are to be received and loved! 

Trail’s End:  The law was given by Moses – GRACE & TRUTH CAME through Jesus Christ!  The amazing GRACE of the New Covenant was purchased by the perfect, finished, atoning work of Jesus at the Cross - with His own precious redeeming blood.  Let’s receive ALL that He died to give us! 

“Brother Marc’s Nugget” (the Bible promise) for this week: 3rd John 1:4

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