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Living a God-Honoring Life!

Steve “Doc” Timmons           June 7th, 2020

Are You Ready for the Word?

Godly Living (1st Peter 3:1-12)


Good morning, GRACE Mountain Chapel!  And welcome to Week #5 of our study on 1st & 2nd PETER – which we’re calling “BORN AGAIN TO A SURE SALVATION!”  This morning – the great Apostle of HOPE is going to teach us how to live Godly lives – even in the midst of persecution!  He begins by sharing Spirit-filled wisdom regarding how to go about winning an unsaved spouse – but continues by revealing the secret to living and loving our Christian earthwalk!  And Peter returns to the Psalms...just to drive his point home!  Hope & blessings coming our way, GMC!  Let’s Ride!!  

Trail’s End:  The law was given by Moses – GRACE & TRUTH CAME through Jesus Christ!  The amazing GRACE of the New Covenant was purchased by the perfect, finished, atoning work of Jesus at the Cross - with His own precious redeeming blood.  Let’s receive ALL that He died to give us! 

“Brother Marc’s Nugget” (the Bible promise) for this week: 1st Peter 3:8-9

In HIS Service…


“Comin' Round the Mountain" in 2020!

Beginning May 3rd:  “Born Again to a Sure Salvation!”
A coordinated message series & Bible Study on the books of 1st & 2nd PETER

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