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This Sunday’s Message:

The Children of the Promise!

Steve “Doc” Timmons          September 19th, 2021

Are You Ready for the Word?

Solicitude for Israel (Romans 9:1-8)

Good morning, GRACE Mountain Chapel!  I hope y’all enjoyed our five-week ride through the greatest chapter of the Word!  But this party’s FAR from over!  This morning we cross the halfway point in our study of Romans - & begin the fifth major section of Paul’s Magnum Opus, which – while focused on the restoration of God’s chosen people – will also bless us with amazing insights into both the majesty & the sovereignty of God!  Eight chapters in the rear-view mirror – and eight chapters remaining in the greatest book of the Word!  For the next three weeks, we’ll be exploring Romans chapter nine - & we’re gonna discover lots of powerful sound doctrine - & divine truth! 

“Brother Marc’s Nugget” (the Bible promise) for this week: Romans 9:8

In HIS Service…


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Beginning January 10th:  “ROMANS: HERE I STAND!”
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