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The Coming Day of the Lord!

Steve “Doc” Timmons           August 9th, 2020

Are You Ready for the Word?

Purpose of this Letter & The Coming Day of the Lord (2nd Peter 3:1-9)

Good morning, GRACE Mountain Chapel!  And welcome to Week #13 of our study on 1st & 2nd PETER – which we’re calling “BORN AGAIN TO A SURE SALVATION!”  Having completed his warning against false teachers in chapter two – Peter begins to close his final letter by reflecting on the promise that Jesus is coming again!  I suspect that Peter knew that these were the last words he’d ever write to the church...and we’ll be blessed by our study over the next two weeks of this final chapter of 2nd Peter!  It’s filled with the same power, passion, and promise that we’ve experienced over these past 13 weeks!

Trail’s End:  The law was given by Moses – GRACE & TRUTH CAME through Jesus Christ!  The amazing GRACE of the New Covenant was purchased by the perfect, finished, atoning work of Jesus at the Cross - with His own precious redeeming blood.  Let’s receive ALL that He died to give us! 

“Brother Marc’s Nugget” (the Bible promise) for this week: 2nd Peter 3:8-9

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“Comin' Round the Mountain" in 2020!

Beginning May 3rd:  “Born Again to a Sure Salvation!”
A coordinated message series & Bible Study on the books of 1st & 2nd PETER

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